Privacy Wallet Life Hacks

When getting cash, always ask for new bills and only $50’s and $100’s. Research shows that our brains definitely interact with money. Here are a couple of those interesting findings: paying in cash, all consumers are much more willing to spend easier when the bills look old compared to new bills, crazy huh.

Another is, most consumers will spend lower-denomination bills than that of the higher denomination of bills. Reason being, our brains believe it is easy to break $5s, $10s and even $20, however will not want to break the $50 or $100. Psychologically, smaller bills are equivalent to that of petty cash, and so spending them is much easier and justifiable.

Another great wallet hack is to shrink your data in order to get more out of your cell phone plan. What if you could lower the amount of data you use with your smart phone all without reducing the amount of time you actually use the phone, wouldn’t you sign up fast?

Well, there is a solution and it is from Simon Hill, a writer for tech sites like Tech Radar and Android Authority. He states this is possible with a free app called Onavo. Onavo runs in the background of your cell phone while you browse, Tweet, Vine, email and much more, then runs the necessary technology to reduce the amount of data that each of those tasks use. You can now do more with what you have already. Possibly never incurring data overage charges, unless you are in an unlimited data plan of course. This also will track the exact amount of data each of your apps are using so maybe you can see you spend way too much time on a particular app! Onavo is available for most all devices.

This is a great one, literally time your shopping for everything. Say you’re in the market and you are only there to buy the comforter that is on sale right now. Then you see the sheets are on sale and the pillow are on sale and the bed-paddings are on sale…..see where I’m going with this. This happens every day to most people.

I actually found a site that will give you a good idea of when to buy the items you want and need and that is

Always know pretty much what you use as far as your amenities, for this can add on a few hundred extra every month. A good example is the laundry in unit will usually run an extra $50 to $100 per month. Needless to say, our air conditioning will definitely raise the monthly bills, sometimes to an extraordinary amount. Be careful with keeping the temperature at a set-temp and do not lower or raise it throughout the day.